Perceived treats To The Social Orders”,  Incarceration, in short, has become the first line policy response to a range of social problems, the instinctive American response to perceived treats to the social orders.  As for criminal prevention, mass incarceration does considerably less than might be thought to reduce crime and foster public safety.  Not to mention, it is extremely expensive, expending funds that could otherwise be spent on more socially productive enterprises.  From the inside looking out, and fighting to get back out, I once was blind but now I see.  Mass incarceration inflicts considerable social harm on our children, families, and communities.  So if this system is a solution to our social ills, how or why is it steadily growing, and who is truly profiting from its growth?



Incarceration has come to include many others who have not been criminally sentenced but whom the state has nevertheless targeted for strict control that incarceration provides.  For instance, other than convicted men, woman, and children; there are pretrial detainees.  But the list goes on, we have the mentally ill, undocumented immigrants, asylum seekers, and legal immigrants with prior convictions.  Now if you are a person on this side of the law, you are aware of this, but if you are a tax paying citizen, my question is who is paying for all of this?  And are you aware of all you are paying for?  We incarcerate juvenile offenders, even though it is and has been deemed unconstitutional to sentence them to life and to lengthy of sentences, it is still being done, clogging up the system and hindering courtroom processes of dealing with cases.  Wasting both time and money.  Who’s time, money and more importantly, why?

Spirals of Purpose

To the unknowing and unsuspecting eye all is well. However, as for the technique definitive of the practice although not readily recognized, its key features have become the default way for maintaining, custodial control over imprisoned populations: greatly restricted movement; limited media access to the facility; strict limits on visits and communication with family and friends on the outside; minimal access to our control over personal effects, a lack of privacy via staff or other prisoners; limited access to meaningful work, education, or other programming ‘ little or any concern for the self-respect of us who are incarcerated; and us-verses-them dynamic and increased reliance on solitary confinement for purposes of punishment or even control. Now until these conditions directly affect you, your child or dear friend, normally you could not imagine these conditions and being subjected to them If you did not do what you were sentenced to life in prison and knew evidence proved your innocence, was in the hands of your accusers, would you not desire someone to hear your story and either help you, or send the right help your way.


The prison and prison system is the centerpiece of our American justice policy.  Today in the United States, prison is just more than a mode of criminal punishment.  It is a distinct cultural practice with its own means and techniques, a practice that has emerged in recent years as a catch- all-mechanism for managing social ills.  The aesthetic of incarceration  orange/yellow jump suits, cell blocks, bars, thick steel doors, barbed wires has become a cultural referent so familiar it may be readily exploited for political and comedic purposes.  This is how we arrive to this point and to the purpose, and innocent man almost two decades  and going, has to reach out through social media, for help.


We apologize for our inconsistencies of communication when it comes to these blogs we post in hope that you would commit to viewing, and spreading word of the information being shared: however, we are back, this time we will post something different every three days, and if by chance we have to stop for a minute, that will be communicated to the audience, as a show of respect.  These blogs may seem the same at times, because of the content being covered and the situation being exposed,  I assure you each blog, is different in itself.  This is not only and innocent man, reaching out for help be it a lawyer, money, etc… but also exposing what it is that i am up against.  Not just a prosecutor or a judge, but and entire system.


As the days go on and life goes on around you. No one takes into consideration that time may stand still for him. But for the spouse that is locked up in this world standing at the side of her man life must go on.  Whats to become of the ones who love the incarcerated so much that they wont give up. What happens when death starts hitting family members on both sides and the wife that is left behind have to deal with the pain and suffer on her own late night because he’s not there to comfort her.. what happens when the nightmares begin.. Well let me tell you what happens absolutely nothing at all. I wake up out my sleep crying at least 3 times a week. Sometimes its to the point im only sleeping about 4 days a week. Scared because my mental and physical being is being tested in my sleep. To wake up and realize he’s not there and i have to wait for a 30 minute phone call to tell him everything that is going on with me is never enough. So half the stuff i don’t and can’t even tell him because it’s just not the right time or enough time. There is a quiet storm loudly raging inside of me that most of you wont understand and some of you refuse to under stand, hence The why do you stay or  The why did you marry him question people cant help but to ask. We don’t get to choose who we love. Who is meant for us to be with will be. Mine just happen to be kidnapped by the system.. Even tho sometimes its very frustrating and we run out of options. Together Jermaine and I will never give up trying to get him home because the Lord wont let us give up Neither will he allow us to give up on each other.. As for them nightmares. I’m sure they will keep coming, how bad they will get i dont know, but this is the fight i chose to fight.

To my dear sweet husband, I know one day you will be home to read this so allow me to tell you that pain has kept me from you for a very long time. It was also that pain that kept me for you. Our hearts led us right back to each other no matter how long it took and an undying love will keep us together for ever.. I Do Love you

How Bitter Sweet

Mrs Latisha C. Marshall

Trapped Within…. Part 1 of 2

Brief testimony!  I recall the desire to blog years ago. The one available person to mediate between you and me, frustrated the idea and purpose.  I was told not only no one would help, but that if they did that, the public perception of what they were doing would be that they were not doing what needed to be done.  The end result, still nothing was ever done.  The idea and the purpose remained frustrated.

When in whatever type of adverse situation, you find yourself in the fight of your life, it is just that, both a fight, and for your life. Beloved, there are not fifty ways of fighting, there’s only one and that is to win.  Neither revolution nor war consists in doing what one pleases.  Please know, I myself am the type of man who try to do things on my own and when possible by myself.  However in the arena of injustice with the large scale of corrupt powers-that-be, governing a broken justice system I need help well beyond my very own abilities, resources, and reach.

I have looked up and found myself in and extra deep, demonically well oiled system that give the false appearance justice is for all, when if you open your eyes you’ll see clearly justice is for those who have while the have-nots get looked over. None of what i am experiencing is new, yet it remains a hardly talked about subject.  Until someone is exonerated 10, 20, 30, or 40 years after the fact and the media, then some how present to report and broadcast the exoneree embracing his relief that this subject hardly get any coverage.  And unless it hits home, and your loved one { man woman or child } is basically kidnapped, held ransom and warehoused to the modern day plantation of prison….. all is quit.